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Why Gurukul National School

The modern Education system is changing with every passing moment. The old theory of education i.e. reading, writing & arithmetic is no more prevalent today. Now, education means all round development of a child, apart from academics, physical, mental, social, spiritual emotional and National Fitness. If we go back to our traditional Indian educational system, Education was not considered to be a market but a devoted GURU i.e. teachers who sacrificed their life for all round development of their disciples, keeping them under their shelter, teaching them to earn their livelihood and in the process they learned about Vedas, Puranas and Life Management which helped with the basic rules to live a meaningful life in their personal field which included the purpose of life and to fulfill their demand.

Indian value education, culture & tradition are so deep-rooted that it creates the foundation of an individual to lead a meaningful life including management of finance which is based on Chanakya’s Arthsastra. ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’ is the key to our philosophy. Indians are at the top in the field of savings, helping the poor, donating for the right cause and the basis of all these are the two epics- Mahabharata and Ramayana, 18 Puranas, Vedas, and the Gita. Gita gives an answer to an individual how to live a meaningful life and manage his personal life.

Here, in GURUKUL, we believe in the all-round development of every child. Besides education, a proper understanding of Discipline and Decorum are equally important for the overall development of the student. We urge all parents to be participative in this area and help us inculcate good manners and culture among every student. GNS is a perfect place to mold our children to be competent in their life skills with a strong moral character.

Gurukul School Facility


Our school has a big network of transportation facilities for our students in all the routes connecting the town.

Experience of Teachers

Qualification and Experience of Teachers:

Games & Sports

It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, it is of utmost importance



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